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10/2 Fundamental Casino Tricks

December 12, 2012 59 0

This marks the second and final part of the Fundamental casino tricks any player must know. To head into the first part, you can click 10/ Fundamental casino tricks. Our goal is to provide player basic knowledge that probes necessary to have a good online casino experience. In this part we will give a little thought on money management for casinos and the online side of the equation.

Into the online side

When playing at an online casino, some players ten to lessen the worry of losing money. Commodity is a double edged sword as feeling too comfortable may make you give less importance to your pocket. Alongside this, comes the fact that sometimes virtual money seems like doesn’t exist in reality. The money is real, even if the casino promises that you are two clicks away from being a millionaire.

Money Management

One of the most basic things we need to take into account, is knowing in advance the amount of money you have available to play and s you don’t overdo your wallet. We covered this in a much more profound manner in Money Managment, an article devoted specially to that subject.  Having a fixed amount of money destined to gambling makes a bad play session a lot less infuriating, as it was money whose solo purpose was to be gambled.


It comes as essential to be able to give your full concentration during the game so it is recommended to play alone in free time as with little concentration the chances of losing are tremendously increased.


Another factor to consider is boredom, a player may lose the gains for hours just because bored, therefore it is recommended that at the time in which a player must leave the game bored.

Are you sure?

The last hint of this huge list of casino tricks comes in the form of a question. Are you sure you are giving your best while playing? Many players become frustrated as all they see are loses. None the less, they continue investing time and resources on the game, waiting for chance to favor them.  If you are losing too much, take some moments to think and reevaluate your approach. Gambling is meant for having fun!

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