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4 Casino Bars to Grab an Unusual Drink When in Vegas

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When you are in a casino getting a drink is certainly a must or else your experience would seem as if there is something missing. Gambling and drinking certainly go together and if you are in the Sin City, the part of you that appreciates creativity in your drink will certainly applause as there are so many drinks to try and taste. Signature drinks are everywhere and whether they are complimentary drinks or something that you have to shed some cash out for, it would certainly be great to know which drinks are quite remarkable and you shouldn’t miss the chance to try them.


Wynn Las Vegas: Parasol Down

Spending the entire day wracking your brains in making the best bet in different kinds of casino games can be really stressful for you and there is nothing more refreshing than to go off somewhere to simply relax. This lounge which is in the Lake of Dreams of the Wynn will assuredly transport you to a beautiful place which is conducive for putting some of your thoughts to rest. If you are here and you are at a loss as to what to get, try the Cucumber & Ginger Cooler which is a combination of club soda, lime juice, agave nectar, cucumber and other ingredients.


The Cosmopolitan: Vesper Bar

This resort may be in a new spot and it has caused some hype to many Vegas visitors but it is good to know that it has all the classic offerings. You will surely love the old school rotating menu which offers almost all the classic beverages. If, for instance, you are looking for something more modern, you can always drop by another bar here, The Chandelier. If you do decide to stick to the classic offerings of the bar, you can always go for the Vesper which combines Lillet Blanc, Belvedere Vodka, orange bitters and Citadelle Gin.


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: Culinary Dropout

Vegas is certainly a circus and it is something that you wouldn’t normally expect from the usual city. Everything here is extraordinary and over the top and if you are in the mood to escape all of this, one cool place to do so is to go to this place. Compared to the rest of the casino, it is quite tame and it is just off the casino floor making it quite accessible for a quick reprieve. This place has lots of concoctions that are really creative and they have the usual fare in gastropubs such as burgers and charcuterie. While here try to take a sip of The Persuasion which combines Zipang Sparkling Sake, yuzu, Martin Miller’s Gin and honey.


Bellagio: Petrossian Bar

Vegas is not just a place for those who are looking for something naughty and dangerous, it is also a great hub to spot people and with so many visitors here, you will surely have a great view of anyone who is passing by. This spot also overs an overlooking view of the Dale Chihuly a beautiful glass installation in the resort. They serve this vodka sampler that comes with caviar and many other spirits with house infusions. But, you can always try the Tennessee Highball which is concocted from Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey right from the house barrel of the Bellagio and combined with ginger ale, lemon juice and orange bitters.


These are some of the best places to get a drink when you are in a Las Vegas Casino. If you feel more adventurous and you want to skip those casino bars and lounges, Vegas has a whole lot of other cool places where you can grab a drink that is quite new to your tastes.

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