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4 Casinos to Enjoy a Japanese Meal

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Japanese restaurants happen to be quite the thing when you are in the mood for something different. No one can deny that there is something attractive about their cuisine and when you are in for an exciting time playing at a casino, a bit of variety might just put you in a better mood. It’s a good thing that you have a wide array of choices as far as Japanese restaurants in casinos are concerned. You can take your pick among these restaurants which are conveniently located inside casinos.

Shibuya: MGM Grand, Las Vegas

If you are in the Sin City and you are in the mood or some authentic Japanese cuisine then there is no better place to go than MGM Grand which is home to the ultimate Japanese restaurant. While exuding an urban polish that doesn’t grow faint among other stellar places to dine, Shibuya will take your taste buds to a different universe. With freshly picked ingredients, a large collection of sake and impeccable sushi varieties, you would find yourself awed by this place and excited to return for a second time. Shibuya has bagged the award of Best Las Vegas Japanese Restaurant for years and it serves modern and traditional Japanese cuisine. There are also extensive Japanese beer and sake choices. Among the signature dishes in the restaurant are Waqgyu Foie Gras Gyoza and the Iberico Pork Tataki.


Nobu Perth: Crown Perth, Perth, Australia

This restaurant happens to be the fruit of a partnership between the actor Robert de Niro and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and today, this restaurant has found its way to 21 cities. The restaurant happens to be a unique presentation of Japanese cuisine as it is infused with flavors from South America. Nobu is actually a favorite as it offers not only good food but also a sophisticated ambiance with its intimate sake bar and there are 2 Teppan tables in this Nobu restaurant. Food preparation is done before the guests and the chefs turn the task into a source of entertainment for the guests. Private balconies and rooms are also part of the place. To taste the best flavors from the innovative menu, the Bento Box would be a cool choice for lunch from Tuesdays to Sundays.


Japonais: Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

With so much rave reviews for the combination of the exuberant Western flavors and the balance from the East, there are certainly a lot of people who would appreciate this Japanese restaurant and lounge at the Mirage. Deemed to be one of the top restaurants, there are high expectations for this place. The contemporary Japanese menu is certainly attracting many patrons to this place and the desserts will certainly leave you in awe. Be sure to try out the Kabocha Cheesecake which is quite a treat with its unique combination of different flavors.


Sushi Sake: Pala Casino Spa Resort, California

Sushi bars are quite the thing and no one can say that a place is a real Japanese restaurant unless they have sushi. This sushi styled restaurant, offers traditional sushi with a Southern Californian touch and of course, it is served with either hot or cold sake. Diners have the option to indulge in their food at the terrace or sit at the bar where they can watch how the food is being prepared.


Japanese cuisine is certainly one of the most interesting and there are surely a lot of variations that can be done to make the meals unique. With the addition of new flavors from various places, there is so much to look forward to while dining at these Japanese restaurants. It will surely be a treat to try out these places although these are just some of the restaurants to sample an awesome Japanese meal.

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