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5 Notoriously Posh Casino Suites in Vegas

February 3, 2015 84 0

Those who love the best things in life would certainly adore Vegas with its posh accommodations. Casinos are just the place to be and there are a lot of cool happening in these places that will surely blow your mind. With so many possible things to do in these casinos, you are in for an adventurous trip especially in these hotel rooms that will leave anyone in awe and the same goes for their prices but it would certainly be awesome to stay at these classy accommodations:

The Palms: Hugh Hefner Sky Loft

If you are planning to drop by Vegas for a night out with the boys, then this is just the perfect place to hold it. The room has an awesome view of the Sin City. And from your perch, it would certainly be remarkable to hang out with the guys. The room even comes with an infinity pool with a playboy theme where you can see the rest of Vegas and this is especially wonderful at night time when you can see the awesome display of lights.

Caesars Palace: Octavius Villas

There is no denying that Vegas is one of those places where you can get anything and everything you want as long as you have money. And, if you want the ultimate luxury as far as your apartments are concerned, then this suite may just be what you are looking for. Building this place was really expensive and it doesn’t come as a surprise why it is all stylish and elegant. Aside from being really spacious, the room comes with a private elevator and a personal butler.

Wynn: Tower Suites

For something quite contemporary but at the same time, luxurious, the Wynn is just the place to drop by. You can expect nothing but the best views from this room as you can put your sleepy head to rest while getting a good view of the city below. With a floor area of 6,000 square foot, you definitely have a lot of space right here not to mention that you have your very own billiards room and wet bar, it would be quite difficult to even leave this room.

Hard Rock: The Provocateur Penthouse

For those who have eclectic tastes and those who love adventures, this happens to be a really cool place to be. Quite dominating, the room has a sexual vibe. Let’s just say that aside from having a room that boasts of all the finer things in life, there are also silhouettes of naked women in the shower. All over the place you can also see dominatrix accessories which make the suite quite eye catching. The place looks a lot like a palace too.

The Venetian: Chairman’s Suite

This happens to be not only one of the most luxurious but also one of the most exclusive accommodations in Vegas as you are required to have an invite if you want to stay here. The room is quite elaborate and there is certainly a majestic air about it. However, the most noteworthy thing about this room is the decoration. It’s not the usual décor that you can find in posh suites but we are talking about ancient art which will surely make you feel as if you have been transported to another era.


Nicknamed the Sin City, there is certainly something decadent about being in Las Vegas and for those who are high rollers, the best that the city has to offer is certainly very much welcome. Nevertheless, it’s good to know the best rooms out there are and maybe, book one of those rooms some time.

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