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6 Quick Tips to Help Improve Your Gambling Success

April 9, 2015 90 0

Gambling, both online and in real life, takes a certain amount of perseverance and a certain amount of skill when it comes to coming through better off than you went in. Fortunately, despite what many might say, you can work on your gambling chops and improve the way you approach classics like poker, blackjack and even slots themselves.

Want to know six quick ways you can get better? Read on.


Understand the Odds

Getting an edge over the House is almost impossible if you have no idea of what the odds are on the game you’re playing. Sure, it sounds like basic advice but “understanding” the odds, how they work, how they’re calculated, is a much deeper insight than simply “knowing” what the odds are. Knowing they are almost always stacked in the House’s favour, you can bet smartly.


Watch Your Spend

Another seemingly basic tip but one that’s often forgotten nonetheless. Keeping a tight watch over your cash is absolutely essential when it comes to long-term success. Make sure you keep track of your win-loss ratio, that’s the only way you’ll know how much you have spent and how much you have earned since starting out. Especially pay close attention on slots where your money can disappear quite quickly.


Know When to Walk Away

A lot of casinos thrive on your persistence, no matter how foolhardy it might appear. In the long-run it’s always the casinos with the best odds, meaning the longer you play the more likely they are to win. Knowing when to walk away and setting up a rule that makes sure that you do is absolutely essential to becoming a better gambler. Doubled what you went in with? Leave. Played up to your spend? Leave.


Close Attention to the Clock

The reason why many casinos have no clocks or windows is that they want you to lose track of time while you play games. It’s critical then, as a gambler looking to get better, to make sure you keep yourself aware of the time as much as possible, referring to it on a strict schedule that means you’ll never lose sight of how long you’ve been winning, or, more likely, losing. If you’ve been at the same game for a quarter hour and haven’t broken even? Perhaps it’s time to go.


Rest Up

Gambling can be quite intense at times, with decisions getting poorer the more tired or low on energy you run. Sharpen up by taking regular breaks. Take a walk and get some air if you can, get a non-alcoholic drink, do something to take your mind off the game and give you some space to think about other things. You’ll come back refreshed and with better judgement too.


Cash Outs

The road to cashing out is one often paved with obstacles. In real world casinos cashiers will intelligently hand you bills in big denominations, hoping you get lured into extra plays on your way down to the exit. The same online, when adverts and deals crop up to tempt you into playing more. Understand what’s happening here and know that cashing out means you’re done for the day.

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