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7 Curious Facts you don’t know about Casinos

July 10, 2013 88 0

Casinos are a happy place for many individuals. A player enters, has a drink, plays some slots games and then he comes back home. The harsh reality is that in casinos, the 80% or regular attendants, at least in USA has gambling problems, and goes because they can’t help it. Here we will show some of the tricks the casinos applies, to keep them inside the building, feeding the machine with dollars.

No watches

Many people, like me, do not wear watches. The fact is that casinos are well aware of that and do their best so you don’t know the time, lest you have some commitment that disrupts your spending money. When one does not see watches around, tends to ignore time altogether, and is much more likely that instead of staying an hour, spend 3 without realizing it.

No windows

Windows are a privilege not known to casinos. This has much to do with the fact of not letting the player seeing the outside world, and not knowing whether it is day or night, or the possibility of being distracted

Lights, sounds and activity

Stimulation could be a synonym of the word casino. There are a lot of sound and movement, bells, sirens, lights, the sound of falling coins machines, etc… This makes players believe they can win at any moment, the mentality is focused on it, and superficially looks like a happy place, when it is not a happy place at all. Mortgages, marriages, children custody… many things can end up on a casino.


Glamour is something every casino peruses. It can be seen in the carpets, which many believe are chosen at random. At first glance one might say that they are in bad taste; there are always ways varied and unusual designs. However, for the human brain are very nice, cozy and pleasing to the eye. Also the paint on the walls is usually red or green, colors that give security. And the music? Cozy course. Psychologists and sociologists are always consulted when building casinos.

Location of services

If the player wants to go to the bathroom, eat something or buy chips, he will usually find the spots well hidden. This serves to keep us longer in the casino and go back again for the tempting machines and games. It’s funny, because te player wins, he feels like he can still make one last bet before leaving.

Close to win

The classic almost win, is something that generates adrenaline in the player. All games, table or a machine, are designed to make small payments in the short term, but in the long term they will keep your money. These slot machines make small payments all the time, and sometimes you let a strawberry, cherry or a star of the big prize. Games are also supposed to give the player a sense of “control” as the dice, but unfortunately is another maneuver that uses the casino, and is completely false, and you can never beat the game. Being close to winning is the big casino business.


Giving free drinks is one of the most common practices inside a caisno. This trick makes even the smartest players, tempted. If a player uses a lot of strategy expert at blackjack, alcohol slow down your brain and thus take wrong decisions at crucial moments.

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