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888 Casino Facebook app causes an uproar in the UK

December 14, 2012 87 0

Its been a long time since we covered casino news from Facebook, but now a new polemic has risen. One of the main issues with some internet applications these days come with the word “ access” attached to it. Age clearances are many times bypassed by simply putting you are older 18 years old or older. This means lots of children can easily get access to contents they normally wouldn’t be. This issue is one that major developers are trying to solve and it has marked the latest Facebook controversy, regarding casino applications being played by children. For updates, you can always check our casino news section.

Money Regulations in Facebook

The system will permit players to bet a maximum amount of 500 utilizing either a credit/debit card. The application promises players lots of opportunities to hit big jackpots. This service will only be usable in the UK, as their laws regarding online gambling are somewhat generous. For the issue of child gamblers, Facebook and 888 remark that numerous safeguards will be installed, preventing minors of entering and gambling from a Facebook account.  Among these methods, there will be both the inclusion of the electoral register and credit cards details.

The main issue behind this polemic is that there is nothing that prevents children from logging on to their parents accounts and utilizing the credit card data already use by them. By simply forgetting to close Facebook, a parent can indirectly give their son their opportunity to utilize the casino application. There are already virtual slots machines to be found on Facebook for minors (no real money involved). The problem comes from the fact that these children will sometime turn 18 and already have a history of virtual gambling, therefore the jump to casino gambling is just outside the door. Facebook currently houses three million users aged between 12 and 17. On a side note, around one million are believed to be pretending to be older.

An all too genuine casino experience

Critics say that this non real casino games provide the online casino altogether, generating the thrills of getting a jackpot, therefore improving the chances of addictive conducts in the future.  Around one million people has already signed up to the 888 free bingo game, Bingo Island.

Two days ago 888 first real bingo application went live, becoming the first true casino experience on Facebook. Another huge criticism is that in the free applications the odds are in favor of the player, being likely he wins a lot. This real money casino application could generate problems among players of the free game, generating a great deal of stress and frustration. Mark Grriffiis, gambling expert commented:

‘You win virtually every time you play one of the free games. ‘Research has shown again and again that one of the biggest factors in developing problem gambling is playing free games online first. These children and teenagers today are the problem gamblers of tomorrow.’

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