/ / A “hatrick” for Matt Matros as he earns his third successive bracelet

A “hatrick” for Matt Matros as he earns his third successive bracelet

June 11, 2012 91 0

Winning a poker bracelet is a great fete, but winning it three times in a row is phenomenal. For this to be achieved, a player must have brilliant skills and luck on their side. On Saturday, Matt Matros did just that- he won three bracelets in three years. He credits his phenomenal run to two things: his style of play and favor from poker “gods.”

“I feel blessed that poker gods have continued to bless me in the past three years,” Matt said in an interview after winning his third bracelet. “Never mind that this is my third bracelet, you have to have luck on your side to emerge as the top player in an event featuring over sixteen hundred players including great player,” said Matt

A crowded field

Matt bracelet was no given on a silver platter; he had to overcome 1,603 players who had registered for the $1,500 six-handed No-limit Hold’em. For his exploits, he bagged $454,853. This win increased his earnings to over $2 million in a career that spun over a decade. By winning his third bracelet, Matt is now in league with other 55 players who have earned three bracelets in their WSOP experience.

Building a legacy

Matt has always trusted his ability, but the thought of winning three is a row seemed a fairytale dream before Saturday. When asked as to whether he is one of the greatest players today, he had this to say,

“It is a pleasure to be mentioned as one of the great poker players. I have always dreamt that being one of the poker players will be a great legacy, but I don’t know if I have ever believed that it will happen,” said Matt. “Prior to winning my first bracelet, I had played at the WSOP seven times in a row always believing that one day I will win a bracelet. I had made some final table before. I never wanted to be remembered as the player who nearly made it,” added Matt

Such fears for the New York native are surely buried. He shall now be remembered as the player who won his third bracelet.
Starting small towards greatness. Matt first victory in his professional career was winning $4,000 in 2001. In the WPT championship in 2004, he finished third winning $706,903. Matt said that a lot has changed since he first started playing Poker.

“When I started I was one of the few people who were willing to open  big blind or less than the or calling off with the ace-ten when I earned two and half to one. Players were not playing as they do today as very little effort was made to improve the game. I was not the best in the game then, but I had a way of making an edge over the way people played.”

Matt Matros Bio

Matt Matros, 35, has one of the best brains in the poker circles. He has a degree in Mathematics from the Yale University. His knowledge of Math has been an invaluable asset in understanding poker. He has been in love with poker ever since his dad taught him to play the game. During his free time at Yale, he dedicated his time to polishing his poker skills. He is a full time professional poker player. He has authored a novel titled “the making of a poker king: How an Ivey league Math Geek Learned to play”. The book has since earned praise for its insights into the life of a poker professional and humor.

His twitter handle is @Matt Matros.

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