A lucky Dark Knight slot

Batman is a name that everyone knows. The caped vigilante that protects Gotham City against many kinds of bad guys, ranging from a deranged homicidal killer, The Joker (Batman archenemy) and a stocky guy with a big nose, called The Penguin. Created by Bob Kane more than half a century ago, Batman has spawned more than ten movies, thousands of comic books, videogames, novels, and even… ¡Online Slot Gaming!

Nearing the premier of The Dark Knight Rises, the conclusion of the Batman movie saga that started in 2005, echoes are starting to be heard in the Casino world. In January, Microgaming had announced a new slot themed on the movie simply called The Dark Knight, announcement that made Casino/Batman fans pretty happy as there is nothing like playing slots accompanied with one of the most famous superheroes in the world. For more great options of online slot machines, you can click this link

A January promise

This online slot announcement made quite a ruckus back then, as Microgaming said it would be something simply amazing. The thing is, Microgaming has truly delivered with this slot. Weird as it sounds, The Dark Knight has 243 of different ways for you to become winner. This style of gaming is very common on Microgaming slots, and it presents itself on the most important slots they have. One of the most attractive modes is the so called Cinematic Spin. Once the spin button is pressed, the reels simply disappear. After this, a clip of an important scene of the movie appears, occupying the entire screen. When the clip finalizes, the reels come back and the game progresses normally. For the bat fans out there, you have a chance to witness scenes of an incredible movie while winning some money. Of course, you may tire yourself of these scenes. Luckily, the Cinematic Spins can be turned off.

A movie-like format

A particularity of super hero themed slots is that the designs of the characters in the reels are done in caricature format. In this slot you have them as their movie counterparts. This means Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, among many others shall appear in the screen. Players that haven’t seen the movie may have some problems knowing who is who, but these ones will surely be the minority. The scatter symbol takes the form of the Joker Graffiti and a Bat takes the one of the wild symbol. In addition to the awarding scatter payouts, the slot may give the player 15 “on the house” (that means free) spins.

A reality that is one click away

The Dark Knight slot is playable at every Microgaming online casinos. Currently you have to pay to play. If you are a Batman fan and a slot fan, the only thing I need to say to you my friend is:

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