A review of the Multi line slots machine

The multi-line slot machine is a late entry to the slot machine business, but it has proved to be one of the most lucrative slot machines for casinos. The reasons for this will be explained in the course of this article. If you wish to know about the other types of slots available, you can head to Mathematics, Slots and Knowledge and Pay-line and Mythical double for detailed reviews.


As the name suggests, Multi line slots have multiple payout lines, any slot machine that offers more than one pay line is a multi line slot.  The number of lines in most multi-line slot machine is 3 to 25. Generally, the more lines played, the higher the chance of hitting a winning combination also, when playing on a multi-spin there is a possibility of winning more than once in every spin. This fact makes many people to be attracted to playing this form of slots.

Experienced hands

Multi-line slots is recommended for players who have been in the game for long and have learnt all their game well. A novice will waste time trying to understand how the game is played in the process losing money. Another thing is that this game can be quite discouraging for first timers. The reason for this is simple- when you engage in an activity that you know little about, it greatly limits your concentration leading to boredom. Another type of slot not recommended for the novice are the High Rollers, complex machine mechanics for the experienced players. The thing about complexity is that it tends to carry big winnings in the Casino world.

Increasing multi-line slots casinos is gaining popularity in land-based casinos among established players as they are more entertaining, and have more detailed graphics that makes the player have more fun as the game is being played.

For experienced players, the most important thing to consider when you decide to play multi-line slots is the number of lines you want to play.  Whereas, different players have their own reasons, it is generally recommended for one to play all the lines available or alternatively playing lines that do not overlap each other. Playing this way greatly increases on the chance of hitting a jackpot. It is not wise to play single lines, on a multi-line machine. If you prefer playing single lines then it is advisable that you play the standard casino, as this will greatly increase on your chance of winning. This is especially important if you chose to play a multi line slot having features of a progressive payout. To hit the jackpot in this type of game you have no option, but to play using the maximum number of lines.

Pros and Cons of playing multi-line slots

The biggest allure for playing multi-line slots is that your chance of winning a jackpot is greatly increased. However, it is imperative to state that playing this way has an added cost to it in the sense that you will have to pay for each line meaning that if you chose to play a maximum on a twenty-five line, it will cost you twenty five times than playing on a single line.

The main disadvantage of playing multi-line slots is that it expensive to play compared to the traditional slot machine. The fact that it is difficult to master for new players is also a turn-off.

Every line slot

One of the most interesting form of Multi-line slots is the “ever line slot”. Every line slots has soared in popularity in the last few years. The reason for this is that you pay a single flat fee, but you are assured of a win each time your match symbols regardless of their position in the reels. Every line slot favors players who are looking for lots of action on a single spin but one to avoid the high cost that is associated with Multi line slots.

Either way, you must remember that slot machines are part of a business strategy by Casinos. We always recommend that you inform yourself with the utmost care so you up the chances of winning, for a successful player… is a happy player

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