A review of Video slots

Over the past two decade, the popularity of slots has grown in leaps and bounds. This growth has been propelled by among other factors video slots. This article will review all you ever wanted to know about video slots.

Video slots, an introduction

The man credited with video slots invention is Walt Fraley. He made is invention in the mid 70’s. His discovery was a game changer in the slots machine business. For the first time software was used to display reels and symbols unlike before when they used to operate on wheels and gears. When Walt first introduced is invention, people were skeptical. There was an unfounded belief that the new video slots could be manipulated. Nevertheless, as time when by and technology started to take a central role in the operation of casinos so did the popularity of video slots grow to the heights witnessed today. One of the latest advances in slot technology, are the 3D slots, which are very popular right now.

Major differences between classic slots and video slots

Video slots do not vary much with classic slots. Both are a game of chance and give the house a bigger advantage.

However, the following stand out when the two are compared :

  • Coin denomination

Video slots offer lower value denomination compared to the classic slot.

  • Payout table

Video slots give more winning combinations.

  • Scatter pay

Unlike classic slots, symbols need not line up to have a win

  • Maximum bet

In video slots, you can bet more than a single coin per line.

  • How the video slot operate

Like all slots machines, video slots use the random number generator in determining the perfect winning combination. When a player presses the spin button, the outcome has long been determined and by the time stops, the player has either a winning combination or a loss. Video slots symbols number between twenty and 100 per reel. By default, higher paying symbols appear less compared to the low paying ones. Each spin made on a video slot is independent of the earlier one this means that although rare, there is a possibility of winning a jackpot with two wins in a row. It is imperative to note that symbols position in reels never change. This is done to ensure that correct payout percentages are always done. Just like other slot machines, it is a futile task to attempt to determine outcome of a random number generator. It is advisable that if you want to hit a jackpot, you always play with the maximum bet. Avoiding playing some lines to save on some money can prove to be a costly mistake if you hit a jackpot.

Pros and cons of video slots

One of the features that have made video slots to grow in popularity is the fact that they have a higher hit rate as compared to the classic slot machine. There high hit rate is attributed to the fact that they have more lines and more winning combinations. The fact that video slots accept many denominations means that players of varied budget are catered for.  Another added advantage to video slots is the bonus games available. One con associated with video slots is that players often end up betting more than they had anticipated due to the abundance of pay lines available in a video slot. The fact that you will be denied a win when you had not enabled a pay line is a big disappointment to many players.

Final thought

The decision of playing the traditional slots or video slots always boils down to personal decisions. However, if you want to increase on the chances of hitting a jackpot, video slots is the way to go.