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After Night Falls – Joins our Free online casino games program

March 21, 2013 65 0

After Night Falls is one of the most unique online casino games developed Betsoft. For those wanting to catch a thief while gambling away on a 5 reel/30 payline modern 3D video slot… it is your lucky day.  Follow detective Rousseau on this funny adventure to catch the clumsy yet lovable thief while getting some incredible rewards.

Atmosphere and Presentation

The game is set in a town were a clumsy criminal is doing all kinds of evils. Once in a while, you will see him appear on the left side of the reels. Then you have the inspector, who stands all the times to the left, waiting for him to appear. Both characters are carefully animated, with a great deal of attention given to detail and fluidity, making the game a true joy to gaze upon. After Night Falls is a real jewel in the graphical department among many other online casino games.

Symbols include things related to the world of theft and detectives. Expect to see common clichés such as jewelry, televisions, security cameras, cats and swag bags. In the sound department, we feel obliged to say that the sound effects are great and very fitting to experience as online casino games go. Even so, it is comforting to know there is a “Mute” button, as the sound can get a little tiring after a while.

Double or Nothing

After Night Falls features a great option that lets you double your profits after any winning combination. Basically, the game takes you to a second screen where a coin is tossed. If your guess if it heads or tails, presto… your winnings are doubled. Guess wrong and all the profits shall banish. It is a great option for those feeling very inspired; if you dislike it you can simply omit it.

Free Spins are Everywhere

Having four or five desk symbols on any position will grant you some free spins. Free spins come with a random multiplier attached to them, so expect them to greatly increase our winnings. However, by getting the wild symbol (a magnifying glass), even more free spins can be earned. Once the wild appears on a combination, all the reels will respin themselves until the wild gets to the other side. When this does happen, profits go to the roof and you will surely feel the adrenaline pumping though your veins.

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