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Against all Odds – Star Trek themed online slot

November 2, 2012 83 0

Last year, science fiction aficionados greeted a new movie rendition of one of the most beloved series of all times for all geeks around the world, Star Trek. This series launched to fame actors such as Patrick Stewart, being a huge phenomenon until present times. The movie was met with incredible reviews and its success, talk of a new saga begun. This culminated in a new trilogy, whose second installment will see the light of day next year.

Join Commander Kirk in Against all Odds

This leads as to the news of the day, a new Star Trek themed online slot, called Against all Odds. The Star Trek themed greatness is currently live at Virgin Casino. It wouldn’t be a themed slot without a story. You will find the enterprise on a huge mission to put a halt once and for all to the wicked Romulan ship Narada, in their selfish plans to send the earth to obvlivion.

Famous characters of Star Trek, such as Spock and Kirk will be found inside the Enterprise, firing missiles to the evil Narada. This star trek online slot is a joint venture between WagerWorks and Paramount.

If you are into space shows, last week we did coverage of another themed online slot based in BattleStar Galactica developed by Microgaming. BattleStar Galactica is one of the most famous space shows in modern TV, having outstanding special effects for cable TV.

Promotion for Star Trek Fans

For all Star Trek fans, Virgin Casino is giving a new promotion along with the launch of this online slot. Starting October 25 and finalizing November 25, for every gamble of £10 per day. Players gain a new entry for which an amazing prize will be given. The terms re the following, a player can only aspire to 32 entries and each player can only win one prize. The reason of this is that they want many players to be able to join the fun, without worrying of having to bet too much. IGT will control this promotion.

It’s been two days since Halloween. At Virgin Casino a promotion took place to commemorate the occasion.  If a player makes a deposit of least £10 before November 7, they will be eligible for a 100%bonus, which can go up to £200. More than 300 games take part of this promotion, including the new Star Trek themed online slot Against all Odds.

For details and concrete conditions of this promotion, you should head to ¡Virgin Casino!

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