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An overview of 3D casinos online

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Technology is said is always in transition, as time moves, so do technological changes bring in new ideas that are geared to make life more interesting and captivating. The same is true for online casinos that has undergone major transformations; the latest being the introduction of the 3D casinos where the user is given a casino like feeling. The popularity of 3D casino has since grown from strength to strength, and in the coming future, it will be a must have for casinos if they are to attract new players to their site. Many players both professionals and amateurs are attracted to 3D casinos due to its superior graphic designs that is often lacking in 2-D casinos.

Minimum requirement for 3D casinos online

Playing your favorite game in 3D is only possible if your computer is able to meet certain threshold. However, you need not purchase the latest computer having the most powerful R.A.M or graphic display. As a rule of thumb, if your computer is able to stream video such as you-tube videos, then you are good to go. Internet connection is also a must for 3D casinos; you must also download the adobe shockwave player for facilitating online videos. This software is free to download.

Types of 3D casinos

There are two types of 3D casinos available. The first type of casino is the regular casino where several 3D games are offered. The second type of 3D casino is one where everything is in 3-D including the lobby areas, where a player is given the chance to walk into any part of the casino. The latter option creates a real life feeling of walking and playing into a brick and mortar casino, a player’s avatar image can walk between tables, and interact with other players. This feature brings in the social aspect that is absent in online casino games. The second option is more popular, and it is expected to be the preferred way of playing casino in the years to come. Good 3D casino software should be technologically up to date, clean, attractive, good graphical interface, and chatting service. Efficient customer service should also be readily available to address any rising issues while playing.

Online casinos offering 3D casinos

3D casinos are still a new concept in online gaming and as thus, it is yet to be fully incorporated by many online casinos. However, you can be sure to play your favorite casino game in the following casinos.

Winpalace– Winpalace is an online casino company based in the United States. Many of the 3-D games available here are slots machines.
Sportbook.com – this casino is one of the best places for sports betting. Several online casino games are available in this website.
Party casino– party casino is one of the largest casino companies with respect to players, outreach, and the games offered. The company offers many casino games in 3D the popular being Heist. This game played using a slot machine has very cool features.
www.888casino.com – 888 has just won the best award as the best casino year of 2012. This award is a testament of the world beating casino features available in the world. Many 3D casinos are available in this platform. It is definitely the best place to play 3-d casino.
Betsafe.com– this is a premier online 3D casino website. Bet safe is one of the coolest places to play your favorite casino games.

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