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Art of Poker Telling

August 19, 2013 88 0

The tells are one of the main parts of poker, as they are the crucial factor that separates a win from a failure. Tells work like little signals that the players unintentionally give to their opponents, making them wary. Professional players with enough acting chops utilize this to their advantage, as they send mixed signals to their opponents, making them believe something that isn’t true. In the first part of Art of Poker telling, players will learn the main tells and what message they send.


This is the mother of all tells. A player who gets the chips and bet the turn with the board reading suited, he is saying saying that a hidden Ace is what is getting his heart pumped so fast that you cannot help but shiver.  In any case, if the opponent trembles to pick up the cards, there are two possible scenarios, he will fall or …,  he is holding an extremely powerful hand.

Protective Maneuver

This one always works perfectly. If a player has a monster between his fingers, his instinctive reaction is to cover it up for anyone to see. When someone has a horrid hand, he won’t care much in hiding it. Expect this kind of thing specially from rookie players.

Bet hard / bet by placing chips

A player who pulls hard chips on the table is bluffing. Not always, but it’s a classic tell. He’s nervous and does not want you to see, so the excess aggressiveness.

Look Spacey

When looking at the cards after a player gets to stare into space and breaks out of the conversation as if it did not go with him, avoiding the gaze of the other, is usually that has caught a monster and looks to not avoid it detected in the face.(Un)acting can be one of the most obvious messages to any poker player.

Watching the opponent stack

If after looking at his cards, watch your chips. Eye hazard! Want to know how much I can take! An anormal level of attention can always tell a lot of things.

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