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Asteroids & Chefs – top online slots games Wins of 2013!

January 16, 2013 45 0

One of the most inspiring articles online casino aficionados get to read are the ones that sum up recent important wins, made by common players like you and me. Today, we will share the biggest wins that were made at Roxy Palace, place that by many is called the best online casino out there. Not too long ago some important holidays took place and in such times, huge wins are always registered.

Many of the games are to be expected, as they tend to offer succulent wins. Interesting enough, Roxy Palace has mentioned in their reports that many currencies were registered.  This means gambles were made from all-over the world, which means happy individuals from various countries are winning. Roxy Palace, functions powered by Microgaming, one of the best leading casino software developer companies around.

Astronomical Jackpot

The biggest payout was given by a great online slot, one that hasn’t seen much marketing so it could strike as normal that you don’t know it. Going by the name of Astronomical Christos, the three reel online slot made a whopping $17.280 in January 2, giving some lucky player a huge economic boost post the holidays. Astronomical Christos is an online slot whose art direction may sound atypical to many players, having a space themed background. The symbols of course follow the trend, so expect to see planets and other kinds of planetary bodies while winning. If a player gets three Saturn symbols will grant the player 300 coins, and three symbols of the logo of the online slot will get the player a swiping 2.000 coins. The Astronomical logo also functions as a wild symbol. Get one Astronomical logo and your payout will be multiplied by 2, get more on them and well… the sky is the limit. The gambles can range from 1 to 3 coins; each coin can have a value from 0.25 credits to 25 credits.

Simply Bellisimo!

Another huge win was registered at one of the best slots of 2012, going by the name of Belissimo. Shirley Twon, a regular player of the site, got $10.960 on January 7, marking one of the biggest wins in the online casino since the inception of 2013. Belissimo is also a three reel online slots game, but instead of just three paylines, it features four. Belissimo is Italian for beautiful, a word commonly used when the chef just got the pizza out of the oven. Ironic as it may sound, they key symbol of the online slot is a Chef

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