Atlantic city Revel casino makes $13.4 Million in Revenue in the first month of Operation

Atlantic city, New Jersey.

The Atlantic City revel casino has started on a bright note, raking in $13.4 million in its first month of operation. This is encouraging news for the casino as the city of Atlantic experienced a slump in its general profits for the month of April. The casino opened its doors to the members of public in the month of April. The casino has 37 poker tables in its casino. This makes it the fourth largest in the city. The biggest is Borgata with 85 tables, followed by Taj Mahal with 75 tables and Tropicana with 43 tables.

Since its inception, the casino has undergone some major challenges. At one point there was a danger of it stalling due to inadequate funds. The casino took six years to complete. The city of Atlantic is one of the cities, which has a rough patch in terms of growth. In an analysis done by the Pricewater coopers in 2011, they observed that whereas they expect the U.S gaming revenue to grow by 5% over the next four years, the city of Atlantic will continue to fall due to stiff competition offered by the surrounding cities the chief being Pennsylvania.