Award-Winning Games and Bonuses at CasinoDino


Today in CasinoCheers has come the time to an online casino review of one of the most promising online casinos of Deutschland, offering tons of opportunities to its players with bonuses and an incredible interface. We are talking about Casino Dino, a new rising jewel born in the heart of Europe.

Bonuses Everywhere!

Online casinos must motivate the player to gamble. To have a good selection of games isn’t enough, unique opportunities must separate the online casino from others. These unique opportunities come in the form of bonuses and Casino Dino knows this. Upon entering you will face tons of incredible bonuses in different online casinos. Want to try the amazing slots in Jackpot City? Utilize the 500 euros match up bonus via  and stack up some credits. Like this there many available bonuses for all tastes out there, including: roulette, blackjack, poker and slots. We must acknowledge that Casino Dino is currently in expansion, so in the coming months lots of new bonuses will appear for players to exploit and have fun.

Simplicity makes Excellence

Casino Dino isn’t arrogantly trying to buy the players with an over the top design. Many online casinos try to attract players with appearances, but at the break of day offering cero substance. Casino Dino offers a simple yet totally intuitive design. Upon entering you will find everything organized in a logical way. They give no space for confusion and bright colors, so it becomes a joy to navigate. I can’t count the times I got a headache from the crazy graphic display many online casinos boost. Casino Dino is all about gambling and having fun, going directly to the point.

Support System

This online casino features great attention, with a 24 hour e-mail service. Usually, it doesn’t take them more than 1 hour to respond. The great thing about Casino Dino is that they explain everything in a very simple manner, so anybody can understand and instantly start gaming.

Grand Finale

Casino Dino is one of the best available experiences in Europe as of 2013. They offer everything an online casino needs to be successful and even more. As a Casino Blog we feel obliged to say, do yourself a favor and try the place.