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Awesome Casino Lounges to Drop by for a Drink

October 16, 2014 67 0

Casinos are certainly that one place that you can drop by when you are interested in some fun and some drinks but it can also be a good spot to hang out in. There are a lot of cool things about being in a casino although losing money on the tables doesn’t sound like a great prospect. With so much emphasis on tourism and capturing its fair share of tourists and travellers, you can expect lots of perks when you are crashing in a casino making it a cool getaway whether you are traveling with a partner, the family or alone. For those who are interested in cool lounges, here’s a quick peek on where to go for an awesome lounge ambiance.

Chandelier Bar, Cosmopolitan Casino, Las Vegas Boulevard South

The center of the casino floor in the Cosmopolitan has the so-called Chandelier Bar and you will instantly know why it is known as such from its appearance. This place serves as a music venue as well as a lounge where you can socialize with other patrons and the place is so fascinating and cool. The bar comes in 3 levels and each one has a discrete personality, making it more fascinating. Level 1.5 is quite impressive even if you have to hop on the elevator or take stairs. The view here is awesome and they have a line-up of cocktails which are culinary-focused.

Liquidity, Tender Steak Lounge, Luxor

The theme is certainly one of the reasons why it would be such a good idea to spend some time in this bar. There is rainfall in different directions in this cool mid-mod bar making it quite extraordinary. During peak hours there are also DJs here which are intent on dishing out cool tunes and don’t forget to try the jaded mojito while you are in the area. Aside from that, there are classic cocktails which are served here so be sure to check that out too.

Eye Candy, Mandalay Bay

There is no denying that when you are looking for nice table games and a good place to stay, you will not be wrong in choosing Mandalay Bay and the same thing goes for when you are in the mood for choosing a lounge which is quite charming. You can find almost everything that you might be looking for in the lounge here and you will be surprised to see all your expectations met from the side banquets to a pulsing dance floor complete with platforms. There is a bar where you can get all the classic cocktail pickings and if you want some privacy, you can always choose one of the private areas which is quite fantastic.

Bradley Ogden Lounge, Caesar’s Palace

You have a lot of really cool choices when you decide to drop by this place but among those new places, you will find Cleopatra’s Barge which has an air about it that is attracting a lot of people. The vintage kitsch can capture anyone’s fancy complete with the cheesy lighting as well as the artificial smoke.


If you are up for a cool place to get some drinks, you will be in for a treat if you are in Vegas because you will surely have lots of choices. Lounges here range from simple to decadent. As to the best place to get a drink, it is all up to you. Indeed, there are so many cool places in the city and it would just be fitting to see several places all at once, after all it would be great to know how decadent and plush these hotel casino developments are and to experience such things firsthand.

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