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Baccarat rules

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Baccarat is one of the most exciting casino games. Baccarat, is a popular game due to the fact that the game is relatively easy to learn, and does not require special skills to win. All you need to learn is Baccarat rules, and it is good to go.

But first,

Before we discuss some of the baccarat rules, it is imperative to note that the primary objective of the game is to draw a two or a three-card hand with a value that is closer to a nine compared to the banker’s hand. For more details you can check our beginners guide to baccarat.

Basics rules of Baccarat

Baccarat is played on a baccarat table. This table has a simple layout numbered according to the players sitting positions. The table, is symmetrical and has been specially designed to accommodate up to fifteen players, the table has a box at its centre where used cards are discarded. The game is played using 52 cards, where two hands are dealt; one for the banker and one for the player.

Rules to play Baccarat

The playing cards have values. The aces have a count of one; cards numbered two through nine are valued as numbered i.e. two stands for two points and so forth. The tens and face cards have a count of zero. As earlier mentioned, at the begging of a game, two hands are dealt. However, in some rare circumstances three cards might be dealt. The players then take their respective seats around the baccarat table; the players are then given the cards by the dealer after the second shuffling. Once the players have shuffled their cards, the dealer will collect all the cards and shuffle them once more. The dealer then gives the cards to the player on his immediate left for the player to cut the cards.

The cards are then dealt by the first player on the right of the dealer. The player becomes the banker. The player will become the banker until he or she loses the bet. If the player losses the bet, the next player closest assumes the role and deals the shoe.

The banker is to get the shoe from the dealer and place his bet on the table. The players are to make their bets before any cards have been dealt. A player on the immediate right of the dealer declares “banco”. This means that his or her bet equals that of the banker. When a player says “banco” the rest of the players is supposed to place their bets in front of them. In the case that all amounts of the bet is less compared to the bankers bet, the banker sets aside the difference, if the total amount exceeds the banker’s bet, the banker will decline the few bets. In such a case, the players nearest to the Banker have more preference compared to other players. The rule further stipulates that the player with the highest bet is the active player, and the rest are just but observers. In case, two players have the same high level of bet; the player first in the counterclockwise direction is preferred.

Summary of other Baccarat rules

• When a player has a total of eight or nine, the cards are not drawn

• By not drawing a third card, the banks stands on a six or more and draws five or less

• With a total of 2 or below, the bank can draw a card no matter what the players third card was

• With a total of four, the banker cannot draw a third card unless the players card is a 0,1,8 or a 9

If you want to improve your performance and chances when playing baccarat, we recommend to start practising for free, and check our guide for baccarat tips to start becoming an insider of the game.


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