Betfair – battling Illegal Online casinos

Betfair_Casino2_259x194Betfair is seeking to ensure that all wagering done in online casinos is legal. To achieve this, they want to create a contact with the Olympic Committee. Betfair’s president, Martin Cruddace, said the company took the decision to give a transparent and secure environment for wagering in online casinos. The subject of illegal gambling is current and ongoing, costing severeal millions of dollars to the industry.

Joint Action against Common Evil

Not the first time that the Olympic Committee has made similar agreements with Betfair in the past, both for the Beijing Games in 2008 and also in the Vancouver Winter Games in 2010 and thanks to the agreements could avoid any illegal activity. These contacts not only apply to the Olympics, but to the general online casinos scene. Being the internet so huge, detailed and solid policies must be designed to control illegal gambling.

Olympic Committee spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau, confirmed that the committee has been able to make agreements with operators of lotteries, and all kinds of bets in the hope of preventing any kind of illegal activity in the industry. Moreau recognizes that it will take many yaers, even decades for the online casinos industry to control illegal activity. Even so, efforts are being made from all around the world.

Casino Reputation

For his part, President of the Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge has expressed concern about the presence of illegal betting, match-fixing and any other unlawful activity that may harm the games and / or damage your reputation. With this comes the fact that many of these illegal online casinos are shady and steal from the players. This thefts come in the form of not paying or selling their personal data, which damages the casino industry reputation.