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Betsoft launches new video slots game inspired by Time Machine

June 28, 2012 60 0

Betsoft gaming, one of the world leading gaming software companies has launched a new video slots game-, Miles Bell house and his curious machine. Speaking at the launch of the game, Anthony Locke, Betsoft’s Head of product development had this to say:

“The concept of time travel has fascinated human being since time in memorial. We believe that by bending this concept with steam punk motif will create a fun game for our players. The characters incorporated in the game are memorable and distinctive, players will come to feel the tension as Gizmo, and Miles (two main characters) skip through time. It is our belief that players have never seen such a game before,” said Anthony.

You can preview the game here

The game best fits players who like fantasies as they have the chance of traveling back and forth time while winning prizes. Players who enjoy the work of H.G well’s science fiction novel later made into a movie will be at home with this game. The company believes that the new creative design of will attract new players.

Features of the game

The game is based on the invention of Miles Bell house that uses his invention to run away from the unethical general Traytor who attempts to steal his technology to use in his military endeavors. Miles take a journey through time with his robot companion Gizmo in their journey they meet ancient dinosaurs and other futuristic scenery.

The game is a form of progressive slots featuring five reel and 25 pay lines. The game features the following gaming symbols:

  • wild symbol: the wild symbol for this game is Dr.What. The wild symbol can take any value or any other symbol across the reel. This wild symbol is important in helping a player create many winning combinations.
  • scatter symbol: the scatter symbol is the Wormhole. For players to multiple their bet by two to a hundred, they have to spin two or five scatter across the reels.
  • other free spin features: other free spin features are created through winning a combination of three or several scatters. If a prize is won why playing free spin, it is doubled.

The maximum jackpot win for this game is $100,000.  There is no bonus-feature in this game and coins value starts from $0.01 to a maximum of $10.00 the reason for this is to enable players to bet small and increase on their chances of winning. The game also features a rewind feature that enables players to go back in time creating possibilities of new wins.

Review of bet software gaming software

As aforementioned Betsoftware is a leading name in slots gaming. The company prides its self in being one of the few companies that have successfully obtained the RNG evaluation system testing, a body that aims at ensuring fair and secure play. Casino’s operating under BetsoftCasino has the following features: full customization, fantastic state of the art game provided multi-currency options, downloads and instant plays version available, and a fast and reliable system. Betsoft has a collection of over a hundred games, which give players and licensees unlimited options.

To learn more on Betsoftware click on the following link

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