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Blackjack – A random shuffle?

March 25, 2013 68 0

How many times in the world of blackjack have we heard phrases like: “That table is horrible!” Or “That dealer is stealing everyone’s money”, “go play in that table, everybody is winning”, “The dealer will block all the time in 21”. These frequent comments that many players tend to do believing that what they are saying is luck related or a random event of life, have an explanation that has nothing to do with luck or bad luck.

100% Random?

It’s no casino news that the casinos shuffle is far from 100% random. Studies made by students at MIT a few years ago indicated that for a deck with a 100% distribution random shuffle it needed at least 7 shuffles. A shoe with 6 decks should be shuffled 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = 823 543 times, which is practically impossible. On the other hand the way the cards are collected by the dealer when the players finish the game, picking first and last hands of Blackjack players and then the rest of the hands played, makes forming the so-called “clumps” in English or groups of letters. The letters tend to cluster in the shoe, in areas of low cards and high cards sectors. These clumps of cards can be very beneficial or very devastating to players according to the type of cards that make up being devastating, the heaps of low cards together in a single group.

No such thing as Coincidences

During these waves of low cards is when the dealer does incredible winning hands in a way that seems illogical to all players. The reason is that the dealer is given a low card open and all players with bad hands planted hoping the dealer will pass, but that does not happen, and it gets twenties and sweeping all twenty-one. Other players think that calling cards when the strategy is not advisable or opening an additional seat, have a chance to “turn the sequence of letters”, but all they do is spend them, or lose twice if two positions open at this time …. There are advanced techniques of game to track these “clumps” and bet based on them and the account.

Patience isn’t a game of Chance

Here at Casino Cheers we always say that not everything can be bad all the time while you are playing casino games. If there is no chance in a specific table because the dealer is winning hand after hand and sweeping around the world, we must stand up and find another table. If there is another table, you have to stop playing and wait. Shuffle shuffle after sometime these groupings are going to break and things get back to normal. How many times have we heard: “At first I lost like crazy, but late at night when almost everyone left, I recovered and ended up winning ….” because I think I know why … As in all things, blackjack is a game that requires patience!

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