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Blackjack Ballroom online casino Oktoberfest Promotion

September 10, 2012 77 0

One could describe beer as a social patrimony of the world. There is nothing life taking a day off with friends, going to a nice bar and simply have fun, trying to forget responsibilities, family and obligations for a little while. For all fanatics of beer and casino gaming, Blackjack Ballroom online casino gives a warm welcome to the epic Oktoberfest. Even if Blackjack Ballroom online casino doesn’t let you take your winnings in the form of beers, they sure have tons of interesting promotions to keep the heat up. Just last week we covered the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot, which as of today continues running.

This September will be one filled with beer and joy, as in Blackjack Ballroom online casino one brand new online slot has gone live along with a big promotion.

Beer drinkers Paradise

There is nothing novelty on themed slot games of beer or pubs, but the Steinfest marks a new dawn, making itself an online slot designed specially to go in accordance with the spirit of Oktoberfest. They take the objective of emulating the atmosphere of this big festival, which is no easy feat. Before your first click you will be greeted with a cheerful tune. Once immersed in the playful atmosphere, the machine will let you choose from a group of beer drinkers. Each beer drinker marks a bonus on your winnings, which doesn’t take anything into account but your instinct. In addition, Blackjack Ballroom online casino will double the amount of loyalty points for players that wager on the Steinfest online slot. This promotion is live and will run till the end of September.

Requirements into the Action

To get started, you must make sure you follow the required conditions. For starters, players must do a deposit of at least 100 credits in September. Only doing this applies you to the promotion. The double loyalty points shall be credited the Fridays of September, with a maximum of 2,500. These points will only be available for future wagers at Blackjack Ballroom online casino.

Blackjack Ballroom online casino is a long running online casino that has marked a long legacy of excellence. They offer the player a huge abundance of games and bonuses, plus a friendly interface, making itself a pretty easy casino to navigate on.

If you want to join the fun, click Blackjack Ballroom and get started with the —-Oktoberfest promotion.

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