/ / Brian Meinders certainly knows his limitations has he wins his first WSOP golden Bracelet

Brian Meinders certainly knows his limitations has he wins his first WSOP golden Bracelet

June 15, 2012 66 0

Brian Meinders is a man who clearly understands his limitations, as he played his cards just right to win the $1500 limit hold’em shootout. For his effort, he won the golden bracelet, $116,118 in cash and six–hundred-card player of the year points. His victory was achieved after three days after progressively winning a difficult sit n’go-type matches. This was Brian finest moment ever after previously failing short in the final table. He first tasted cash three years ago when he finished at the eight position and won $55,000 for his efforts. In 2010, he finished in second winning $145,000. This win brings his total WSOP winning to $459,111. A look at his performance shows a progressive improvement in his play, this indicates that his good days are ahead of him.

Menders defeated 50 players who made it to the final table including big names such as Matt matros, Justin Bonomo, Mike Leah, Greg Mueller, and Ari Engel. Players who made it to the final table include Ian Johns, Sean Rice, Victor Ramdin, and Brock Parker. The final payout for the event was as follows: Brain Meinders ($116,118), Darin Thomas ($71,704), Christopher Vitch ($51,861), Victor Ramdin ($37,897), Brock Parker ($27,986), Preston Derden ($20,886), Matthew Schreiber ($15,747), Sean Rice ($11,992), and Ian Johns ($9,225). The tournament commenced on Tuesday with 366 entrants.

The other side of Brian

Brian Meinders has a thing for languages. He is proficient in the use of the Latin language, a language that he studied at the Rutgers University, New Jersey. He teaches the language privately during his free time at a private school.

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