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Casino Bonus Rules

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Bonuses are a great way of appreciating and motivating players to play in a given casino. To ensure that casino bonuses are implemented to the satisfaction of both the players and the casino, it is imperative to have rules. These rules are cross-cutting and cover all aspects of casino bonuses. Before exploring on the casino bonus rules, it is important to note that each player should carefully read the casino terms and conditions they chose to play in. This should always be the first step as terms, and conditions essentially govern casino bonuses. That said, this article reviews the general rules on casino bonus, so as to inform you on what to expect. If you are just getting started, we recommend to check our casino bonuses guide for beginners.

Casino Bonus Rule one- casino rules are cardinal, and should never be broken

Casinos are very strict on bonuses. Remember that casinos are primarily founded for the purposes of making profits, and thus will never tolerate players who go against the laid down rules of play. Contravening rules can result in forfeiting the bonuses.

Casino Bonus Rule two- requesting a pay-out

When playing online, the only time to request for a payout is when you have successfully completed the stipulated play through. If it happens that you request a payout before you have fulfilled the required, you will end-up losing the casino bonus left- just like that. So you better be careful.

Casino Bonus Rule three- one household rule

According to this rule, bonuses will only be offered to one computer I.P address; one registered email address, bank account, address, and credit number among others. This rule, however, has an exception if the game is played using the multi-player game option.

Casino Bonus Rule four- on disputes

In situations where there is a dispute on an issue related to the bonus, the decision of the manager is considered as final.

Casino Bonus Rule five- promotional bonuses

Promotional bonuses cannot be redeemed for cash, unless the casino states otherwise. To claim a promotional bonus, a player is required to redeem the bonus before placing a bet with the deposited money. In addition, promotions cannot be used in conjunction with one another, if a player does this, the win will be void.

Casino Bonus Rule six- on common deposit bonus

This rule stipulates that only new players are eligible to receive this bonus. However, if a player fails to complete the wagering requirements before requesting the withdrawal, it will result in the bonus being declared void.

Casino Bonus Rule seven- on no-deposit bonuses

A common characteristic of the No deposit bonus is that a high wagering requirement is required such as the 40× or 50× the bonus amount on offer. In addition, there is a maximum cash-out amount on the actual bonus.

Casino Bonus Rule eight-coupon bonuses

Coupons are considered as part of the promotional bonuses and as such are place into the accounts of players. Once characteristic of this bonus is that they have a high limit value and is based on the percentage as per the deposit is made.

Casino Bonus Rule nine- Cash back bonuses

These bonuses are only provided after a specific and special arrangement. These bonuses are characterized by real money transactions often with no requirement for wagering. This makes it possible to play for real money or make a withdrawal immediately.

Casino Bonus Rule ten- Before cash out

Before cash outs can be processed, a player will be required to provide documents for the purpose of identity verification. The casino can further ask for more documents to prove your identity.

Casino Bonus Rule eleven – cancelling of bonuses

A casino reserves the right to cancel a bonus in cases the terms and conditions are violated in situations where an infringement of the terms and conditions occurs.

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