“Casino Games” searched every 92 seconds in Google!

types-online-casino-gamesEvery 52 seconds, someone in USA enters Google and types “online poker”, according to statistics from the main online search engine on the planet. Every 92 seconds, an American searches “casino games“. Every four minutes, an American searches “roulette” over google. With this statistics, one can assure that online casino games are at their prime moment.

Reasons for Growth

Playing the online roulette has become a favorite amusement for many people in this country, probably motivated by two reasons. The first has to do with the activity of standardization of online gambling, which was achieved from mid-2012 to the gambling law.

The passage of this new legislation has allowed the establishment of clear rules for the activity, generating control mechanisms, enforcement authorities, and guarantees of fair play. No doubt this gives the thousands of players in this country a much higher level of security when their euro gamble online gambling sites. But at the same time, the regulatory framework allows the sector to develop clearer rules. Ultimately, the benefit has been to all users and players.

Technologic Achievements

However, the popularity of gambling and online roulette has to do with the fantastic development that this platforms are presenting, incorporating technology, graphics and  hyper-realistic sounds, that make us feel as if we were immersed in the best casino of Las Vegas.

In this development of platforms for playing roulette and other gambling games, much support has been given to mobile devices, allowing users to dive in the fun without having to sit still in front of a computer. Variety of devices such as smartphones and tablets, coupled with staggering levels of Wi-Fi connectivity, which today almost invade the whole national territory, have managed to overcome the limits of the internet, and bring the fun and games of roulette wherever they go their fans. It’s like bringing the casino itself into the pockets of the player.

In the lottery, since buying the ticket until it is held, spend time, but the time and day of the draw are preset. This happens because they are usually organized by the state and draws are communicating through the media.