Casino related homicide zeros in to insurance agent

Oklahoma City,

Police, who have been investigating the death of a wealthy gambler, have zeroed their investigation to an Edmond insurance agent. The insurance agent, Michael Wayne Thomas, had a dispute with the gambler over money. As part of the investigation, the police searched the suspect house, took his DNA sample and spoke to his former wife. His ex-wife has earlier claimed that Michael was a psychic and has earlier confided in her that he dreamt the victim telling him “help me, help me!”

Michael, 40, has denied involvement in the killing and claim that he will be vindicated at the end of the investigation.

Not everyone agrees with his innocence,

The husband of the victim, Ted Mitchell is 100% convinced that Michael had a hand in the murder. In an interview, Ted, attorney, has this to say,

“Before or during the murder, he was there”

The attorney did not divulge more information for fear that it could jeopardize the police investigation and decision of the jury if charges are brought against Michael.

The investigation continues.