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Casino Trends 2015

January 22, 2015 67 0

From the first online casino launched over 20 years ago until now, there are always changes that happen year after year. Certainly the casinos launched in the past few years have a fresher appeal so it makes it difficult to say that the oldest casino is the best one. Likewise it is difficult to give an overall assessment of a new online casino to see how they stack up.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Before we discuss why new casinos have more appeal, we need to talk about the old casinos and their old way of doing things. Some of those casinos just don’t want to change and for players this just doesn’t make things exciting. Old casinos like 888, InterCasino and Jackpot City have been around for almost 20 years each. These casinos might have appealing websites but their method of operation doesn’t seem to have evolved much. If you have played at these casinos for a long time, things can get stale despite being able to launch new games and new promotions.

New Casinos with new ideas

When you see the new casinos that have launched, so much has changed as these casinos know there are so many competitors that new sites need to stand out. Being just another online casino is no longer good enough these days so casinos have to innovate.  We know which casinos are old but lets look at what some of the newest casinos are doing these days.

Vera & John

Certainly an unusual name for a casino but Vera John are a refreshing look to online casinos. They launched only a few years ago and they are very popular amongst players. What makes them different is they feature numerous casino software companies but they have taken it a step further. They have only selected the best games from each software so rather than having 400 to 800 games, they have around 200 and you know when you play their casino that you are only getting games worth playing. There is no filler with Vera & John casino. Here is a more detailed review with all the information you might need.

Casino Saga

Aside from having a casino site that looks cool, the way the game is played is just an intense idea and maybe the best casino ideas ever made. Your game play gets you further into a sub game, a saga as you might call it. The more you play the more points, bonuses you get and your goal is to navigate through a journey to beat bosses. Their 250 free spins bonus at CasinoSaga doesn’t hurt either which is a nice way for new players to get started.


Mobile usage will surpassed PC usage in 2015 so that means we can expect more casinos adding in mobile versions of their site. There have even been casinos launching sites only for mobile players only.

Live Dealer Casinos

More and more casinos are also launching live dealer versions of their site as it proves to be a popular segment with casinos. Knowing that you have a dealer ready to interact with you just adds a real dimension to the casino that is typically known as cold. There are as well live dealer casinos which are optimized for tablet users.

Social Gaming


More than just a buzzword, social gaming is big and were seeing more casinos launched through social media sites like Facebook. The truth is people love to play games and social networks are the perfect match for where players do want to play.

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