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Casinos of the world: London

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Leicester Square is undeniably one of London’s nightlife hotspots. This is where major movies have their premieres, where hordes of tourists come to hand out and have their photos taken, and this is also the home to the Casino at The Empire. The Empire was one of London’s most famous theatres and was transformed to become one of its leading cinemas. Today, the Empire building is also home to a bustling casino that is part of the extensive Caesars Entertainment group.


The casino

The floor of the casino covers 55,000 square feet, with a huge array of gaming tables and slot or fruit machines. The casino is open to everyone (over the age of 18), operating an open door policy (as opposed to membership-based approach).


The poker room

The poker room at The Empire Casino operates 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and is one of the most popular cash poker rooms in London. Games are available for all level of players, with buy-in beginning from £50 and blinds starting at £1 you can get playing without exceeding your limit too quickly. All games are raked at 5% with a cap of £10.


Three card poker

Three card poker is one of the favourite games at the Empire Casino. This form of poker uses a single deck of 52 cards – the object of the game is to have a hand of cards that is higher than the hand of cards held by the Dealer. The difference in this form of poker compared to other forms of poker is that you are not competing against any other players in Three Card Pokier, it is just you versus the Dealer.


Slot Machines

As well as all of the usual slot machines (or fruit machines as they call them in the United Kingdom), the Empire Casino offers 87 electronic Roulette machines that let you play both Auto and Live Wheel Roulette.


Punto Banco

Punto Banco is a version of the popular game of Baccarat. It is a game that pits the player against the Banker. Cards are drawn from a card-shoe, the hand which has a total that is closes to nine wins.


American Roulette

In American Roulette the wheel is divided into thirty seven compartments (numbered 0-36). Players place their bets on the number that they think that the spinning ball will land on, but bets may also be placed on a range of variations such as All Black or All Red (both of which pay even money); Dozens (eg. 1-12, or 13-24 – these bets are paid at 2-1); Splits (betting between two adjacent numbers – these are paid at 17-1); Streets (a strip of three numbers – these are paid at 11-1); Corners (placing the bed on the corner of four numbers – this is paid at 8-1); or Columns (this is paid at 2-1).



London’s Leicester Square – offering you a whole lot more than just a place to see movies.

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