Cheap Things to Do in Las Vegas

free crash courseA trip to Las Vegas, more popularly known as the City of Sin, doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it is the epitome of luxury and it offers things which are beyond the price range of normal people. Needless to say, it would be great to have some tricks in your bag to make sure that you will not lose a fortune even if you are planning an outing to this place. There are so many things to consider while you are in the city and here are some of the best things to do to save a lot of money without missing out on all the fun.

Improve your skills in casino tables with a free crash course. Being in a casino doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a pro in the tables. If you want to know how to attack the tables, you can actually get a beginner’s course in various games in Vegas for free. There are several casinos that offer these lessons, just ask a casino what kind of lesson they offer and the schedule. Casinos are really cool with giving free instructions as it helps make people feel more comfortable about sitting on the tables and this is a great way to entice players to sit for a real game.

Enjoy free shows and entertainment. Although there are a lot of ways to spend your money in Vegas, there are also lots of creative means to enjoy the attractions without spending anything. There are many casinos that offer free entertainment in the casino floor itself and in the lounges. The Sirens of TI, a show that takes place in Treasure Island’s front side happens 4 times in one night, is totally free. Be sure to arrive about half an hour before the show to secure a good seat. There is also a free mermaid show where the mermaids inside a giant fish tank swim in synchronized strokes at Silverton Casino. There is also a Masquerade Show in the Sky in Rio which will make you think that you are in a Mardi Gras party. These are just some of the best free entertainment in Vegas, be sure to check things out and see which shows are free.

Eat All you Can. If you have $10, you can indulge the foodie in you because Vegas is one of the places in the US where you can get food bargains. Grabbing a cheap meal here is totally possible and the best food bargains are usually advertised on marquees making them easy to find. Station casinos are a great place to get a meal when you are in the city. There are also a lot of Downtown locations where you can grab a bite for an inexpensive price.

Watch a fashion show. Although Las Vegas is known for its casinos, it also has a wide array of retail stores. In fact, it is one of the world class hotspots for high end shopping and for fashion lovers. However, you need not spend your entire bank savings to keep up with the hottest fashions. Just across The Wynn Las Vegas, the Fashion Show Mall has a free live show which is the host of cool catwalks by gorgeous models. This event takes place 6 to 7 times a day from Fridays to Sundays.

Ride the monorail or the trolley. The Strip can be disorienting and often, people judge the distance wrongly. People usually think that the distance is shorter than it actually is and this is one of the reasons why riding the monorail is a great idea. In Vegas, there are two monorails which go back and forth from the Mirage to Treasure Island. Keep in mind that taxis can be a bit expensive around here.

Las Vegas may be one of the most expensive places to be but there are definitely cheats so you can spend less while on vacation here.