Chess masters “check-mates” finalist to win Event 27

Chess is a game that entails wit as much as it requires skills. The same attributes are true to poker. With this fact, it is almost “naturally” for a chess player to find success in poker. One such player is chess master , who remains one of the few chess players who have made a successful transitional from professional chess to professional poker. Schwartz, on Saturday finished as the highest placed player in event 27 at the ongoing WSOP to win himself his first golden bracelet. The New York resident was over the moon following the win.

“I’ve been playing professional poker for a long time, and winning my first bracelet means a lot to me as a player. To reach the nadir of whatever you are doing is always a special moment”

Schwartz faced an uphill task in the process of winning his first golden bracelet as the final table feature distinguished poker players such as David Chiu and Stephen Chadwick.

“It was a tournament whose outcome was not easy to know. It was a kin to a seesaw. The stacks were constantly up and down during the tournament. I have never quite seen a tournament like this during my time as a professional”

A member of November nine

Before winning his first bracelet, Schwartz had gained famed for being one of the members of the now “November nine” a fete that he accomplished by earning his place at 2008 WSOP main event. In the final table, he finished at the fourth position earning an impressive $3.7 million for his efforts. Schwartz fondly remembers that after winning the money, many friends borrowed his money. But, he is determined to have the last laugh with his earnings this time round.

“This time round, they are not going to see much of the cash,” he laughed.