Crème de la crème of online poker

In this article we will present you some of the best online poker rooms around. The web is huge and many sites will constantly try that you invest your money and time in them. Being by colored ads, pop ups, you name it. Here we live some personal recommendations, where quality, comfort and if you play your cards right, winnings await.


This poker room is the most antique poker site around, ideal for purists that want straight traditional online poker. One particularity of 888Poker  that makes them stand from other poker rooms is the superb service they offer, may it be free phone service or online assistance 24 hours a day. One advantage of the antiqueness of this poker site is that there are many loyal players, this means that you will never feel lonely in their tables, as there are always players waiting for a new challenge. If this wasn’t enough, there are many tournaments, and new proposals are made every day.

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PKR Poker

For the ones who are looking for a technologic approach, PKR will be your cup of tea. Running on an outstanding 3D interface, this UK based poker room will take you to the next millennium. Regarding graphics, sounds and gameplay, you won’t find a best site to poker. Made especially for the young, PKR Poker offers an experience to remember.

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William Hill

Reputation is a big word. For a poker site to gain a positive reputation, thousands of players must have passed, sweat, played and won. Now, if a site gains a reputation beyond positive, well, we are at another level. William Hill is the crème de la crème of online poker. This site basically is poker paradise, providing the most secure, rewarding and user friendly online poker experience out there.

Having bonuses for the loyal veterans and new players, this site provides a 200% up to £1250 for new depositors. If this wasn’t enough, William Hill offers online poker tournaments proposals every day. You can also attend an online Poker School, if you are new to the world of poker or a veteran seeking to get back to the basics. Knowledge is power as they say and William Hill knows it.

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This name is one almost anyone has heard or read. PartyPoker has one of the biggest marketing campaigns out there. Their biggest online poker room is PokerStars . Even if you enter at 6am, you will easily found more than a thousand players. It is renown as the site where many great online poker players begun their journeys, may it be for the functional interface or the great costumer support. If there is something PartyPoker doesn’t lack, are incentives, offering a $600 bonus on your first deposit.

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