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Cyber Attacks to Poker Players – Casino News

August 14, 2018 638 0

Our casino news to the day center on the recently discovered disturbing stories about a new method to cheat at the tables: DoS attacks (Denial of Service). Since 2010, this kind of attacks have been reported by numerous players around the web.

Description of the Attacks

DoS attacks, or more elaborate variant DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). This method consists in overloading a server or router to prevent you from normally doing your job well and cause Internet disconnection of the victim. This is done using computer groups or infected packages to send UDP packets to TCP on one device, directing them to your IP. They became famous when several groups of hackers associated with anti-establishment groups or internet forums began to use them to shoot down government and corporate websites, events that made their fair share of casino news in 2010.

From there went the phenomenon went to the world of e-sports, gaming tournaments and mini-leagues in cases like Starcraft or League of Legends have come to move significant amounts of money. It now appears that there may be scammers ready to utilize this method to those who play poker online, causing the opponent off amid significant cash jackpots.

Learning to Prevent Them

For someone to use this type of attack against you, they need to know your IP. As discussed in several Internet forums, a connection to Skype or chat programs share TeamSpeak type could be enough for anyone to resolve your IP. It’s no casino news that online casino players should always be on the lookout when interacting throughout the web.

There are many guides online that explain what to do to avoid such hazards. This guide specifically by a League of Legends player, is very complete. Most include instructions to connect through proxy and to prevent Skype automatically make outgoing connections, something for which any firewall is sufficient.

In addition most of the IP used today are dynamic. At the slightest suspicion, simply reboot your router to your Internet server will assign a new IP-may need 5 minutes or the whole night, as business-, making sure not to have outbound connections running through which they can find out your new IP.

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