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Dressing for the Casino – 3 Top Tips

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A trip to a casino is always an exciting experience. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced gambler, there is something nostalgic about entering a casino. We’ve all seen all of the James Bond films and sat amazed at the stunning casinos featured. Now it is time to enter a casino yourself, you need to make sure you are ready. By this, we do not mean that you are ready to spend some cash or ready to face the adrenaline rush of gambling. First and foremost before anything else comes into play, you need to ensure that you are ready in the correct attire to enter a casino. Here are our top 3 tips for dressing for the casino:

Know the Dress Code

The first tip is of course to familiarise yourself with the dress code policy of the casino that you intend on visiting. While this may seem like a very obvious thing to do, many people do not familiarise themselves with the dress code and end up rejected at the front desk, with their dreams of winning the casino jackpot torn apart. It is completely unacceptable to assume that a one for all dress code applies to all casinos. This could not be any more false – casino dress codes vary greatly from premises to premises and even from area to area within a casino.

Take a few minutes to log onto the casino website before you go to a casino to ensure that you are following the right dress code. Many casinos operate different dress codes for different times of the day. Therefore, just because you see a guy walking into the casino at 3pm in a t-shirt and shorts, this does not mean you will gain entry in similar attire at 8pm.

Know What Is Completely Unacceptable – Even with Lax Dress Codes

So the casino you plan on visiting operates a fairly lax, informal dress code – great! However there will still be some formalities with some items of clothing totally unacceptable to wear to a casino at any time of day. Any such items will be clearly indicated at the entrance to the casino and/or on their company website. Just to note, some common “unacceptable” items of clothing are hats, tank tops, work boots, disguises, face paints, clothing with offensive language or messaging, work uniforms, dirty or badly torn clothing, gym wear, bikinis, dirty or damaged footwear and costumes.

Formal means Formal!

So the dress code for the casino is “formal attire” – this does not mean a shirt, jeans and trainers for men or a top and hot pants for women. Formal attire does not mean “night out attire”. Formal attire means cocktail or evening dresses teamed for women and tuxedos, suits or shirt, tie and slacks combinations teamed with dress shoes for men. If the required attire is something more sophisticated like “black tie”, men should wear tuxedos and bow ties – black tuxedos, not a Halloween joke tuxedo suit. Casinos who operate a formal attire policy will strictly enforce it – you simply will not be allowed to enter unless your attire matches our recommendations.

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