Factors to consider when designing a new slots gaming venue

Creating the ideal gaming floor is both a science, and an art. It is the difference between having booming business and counting losses for your slot machine business. Outsourcing the service of trained professionals might be expensive, but it can be the best thing you ever did for your business. The design of any casino is usually a collaborative project involving the machine salesperson, design professionals and the casino operator. When the aforementioned parties work in synergy, a winning combination is usually delivered.  When designing a gaming floor, the following components are perhaps the most important components to consider:

  • Seating pattern
  • Cabinets, stands and carousels
  • Machine glass and graphics
  • Signage

This article will explore on what need to be done on the above-mentioned components to deliver a gaming floor pattern that will result in success for a slot machine business.

The Seating pattern

Customized chairs and stools for patrons are a fundamental part of any gaming environment. Research has shown that comfortable patrons stay more in casinos. This results in increased sales for the casino. The choice of chairs should be influenced by the following factors: stand height, patron characteristics, and interior design among other factors.  Never assume that all seats are appropriate for all machines, choose seats depending on the type of machine. For example, a cushy chair is apt for a high-denomination machine, whereas a stool might do well for a nickel machine.

Whatever, you settle upon, make sure that the seats have the following: Comfort and durability.

Cabinetry and stands

The machine type will influence the cabinet to select. The primary purpose of the cabinet is where the machine resides and encloses the machine. Most cabinets have been laminated using wood. Casinos that are operated using IGT software have a wide selection of patterns and colors available for selection.  Some of the custom laminates available include printed designs, and mirror-like finishes among others. The role of the stand is to raise the machine to a height that can be comfortably be used by patrons. The selection of cabinetry, and stands should be guided by durability, type of patrons, type of machines, and cost among other factors.

Graphic and machine glass

The ever-increasing competition in slots machines has called for an improvement of graphic and machine glass to attract and retain patrons.  Competition has led to the use of various glass treatments, use of brilliant colors, to create etched glass, and frosted glass among others. A crucial factor is the selection of slot machines, for reviews on the most popular ones, click here


The power of advertisement is never in doubt. There are many casinos out there trying to attract customers to their fold. But, as a new casino, what is the way forward to attracting new customers to your casino?

It all lies in designing signage that is unique and able to capture the imagination of your intended patrons. One of the ways of achieving this goal is through use of danglers and paddles. Danglers are attached to the gaming environment and they are an effective way of letting patrons about a new game. Paddles are placed on top of gaming machines and if a cheap, but a powerful way of advertising new games to patrons.

Final thought

The slot machines are like a gold mine for any casino. It is what has revolutionized the gaming industry. The customer appetite for these slots is rising with each passing year, as a casino owner, the trick lies in attracting customers and retaining them. Once this is achieved, money will flow, the first step in realizing this goal is through incorporation of some of the suggestion as underlined by this above.