Finding the best Online Casino Promotions

Promotions can be a tricky business. No matter which online casino you visit, online casino promotions are always going make look themselves as the best. This is pretty self-explanatory, they want you to invest your  money in them. Sometimes promotions aren’t in the best players interests, but it takes a keen eye to know when. Many promotions take the same principles into account, meaning you will find tons of others that are offering the same thing. Today at Casino Cheers, we are going to offer some eye training, so you are able to spot the best promotions, not necessarily the ones will fill your bank account, but also the funniest.

Self-Welcoming Bonus

This kind of promotion is commonly given to new members of an online casino, to get them exited and in a roll. It consists on letting players play for free (nothing strange there) but with their free wagers, they win real money. With this kind of motivation, we would all become online casino players. You have to play for a determined amount of time, this way they make sure you get comfortable with the games. Here comes the pseudo catch, once it’s over, this winnings can only be used to continue playing at the online casino, therefore, you never leave with “real money” of the premises. Either way, it’s a great kind of promotion; you basically create your own welcoming bonus.

Travelling pigeon

Sometimes casinos take motivation to the thing almost everybody enjoys, going out of town… for free. We are referring to promotions that give you a free trip somewhere exotic and probably sunny. These promotions tend to give the player an extra ticket, so a friend can join them in the fun. In physical presence casinos, a common one is an all paid dinner to the casinos restaurant with many friends or family. Always be in the lookout for these kind of promotions, as they don’t appear that much on online casinos… and we all enjoy a free ride.

Reviews matter

The best advice we can give you to exploit the maximum of online casino promotions is to read reviews of the online casino you wish to enter. Aside from learning of the customer support or cash out bonuses, they always talk of the kind of promotions the online casino tends to throw. If you are interested, some time ago we did a thorough coverage of ClubGold Casino, a great option to start. Good reviews give away everything you need to know of an online casino. Just remember, there is a promotion for everybody out there, its just a matter of finding them.