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Fruit Mania mega Jackpot

June 26, 2012 63 0

IM82, an Italian player of Omni Casino hit it big time, as she won a huge progressive jackpot. The Jackpot was won as she played one of the most famous Playtech slot games, Fruit Mania. Playtech is one of the largest Casino Software Developers of the world, having created a wide variety of online games. The exact sum she took to her pocket was €39,366.32, an enormous number in the world of online slots. A weird fact regarding this win is that the player had been a member of Omni Casino since the 3rd of June, making approximately 20 days of playing before seeing a huge payoff. The adventure started with a deposit of €10 on the 16 of June. Little by little, the initial deposit kept growing, so she tried out other games on offer at Omni Casino. Six minutes later, the dream of any casino player happened, a Jackpot… and a massive one.

Omni says

An Omni representative commented about the Fruit Mania mega Jackpot “Our newest Omni Casino progressive jackpot winner has been with us since June 3rd of this year and has been a loyal member since joining.” She started with a lucky €10 deposit on Saturday June 16 and kept on winning a little. This encouraged her to try out several of the exciting games on offer at Omni Casino, one of which was Fruit Mania. Just six minutes into the game she hit the jackpot.”

Frequent Winnings

This isn’t the first time a player has won a Fruit Mania mega Jackpot, although not the same amount of mega IM82 has taken. Almost every week there are new announcements of players getting a Jackpot, and players usually reach about €22,000. Fruit Mania is the ideal kind of online slot to play in summer time. The decision of the Italian player to invest money in it may not have been a random one. Fruit Mania can be described as a colorful 5 payline online slot , with fruits and symbols of the sun decorating the reels. It also counts with the option of a bonus game. For the player to reach a progressive jackpot, he/she has to get five cherries symbols on the 5th payline.

Huge winnings like this one are what give us, the players, hope for our own jackpot May it be a Fruit Mania mega Jackpot or one somewhere else. We will keep reporting about these outstanding winnings which remind us that when it comes to chance… everything is possible.

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