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Full Tilt Poker officially online in 2013

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Two and a half years ago Full Tilt Poker closed its online doors to the world. This closure wasn’t intentional, as Full Tilt Poker was one of the most successful brands of Online Poker around. After an investigation by the Department of Justice, they were basically forced to quit the business. In a radical turn of events that has surprised many, it has been announced that the poker site will emerge back to life next year.

These two and a half years of inactivity have affected in a big way to the old players of Full Tilt Poker, becoming their funds unavailable. Add to this that the closure happened without much of an announcement and you got yourself a pretty frustrating scenario. Since its closure, many individuals in the industry have been trying to get the poker site back into business.

Controversy and Closure

After the investigation by the United States Department of Justice, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission invalided the licence of the site. The reason was a clear violation of terms and conditions. The investigation dug up some shady facts, including using the use of players in site funds for other activities. Many American players found themselves with less than what they had deposited. This led to a huge controversy and soon after, a French operator by the name of Grupe Bernard Tapie tried to buy the poker site.

The purchase couldn’t be achieved as the French group wasn’t keen on paying the American players in whose deposits were diverted, therefore the Department of Justice didn’t allowed the purchase. The French group intended to pay the players over a period of months, while the department of justice intended that the payment was to be effected as soon as the purchase was done. After this, Full Tilt Poker was apparently done for, until other giant of poker appeared.

PokerStars Rises

PokerStars is a site known to almost any online casino player. However, many don’t know that the site also faced an investigation by the Department of Justice. Yet, after a long fight, they were able to resume operations outside USA. PokerStars basically rescued Full Tilt Poker, making all the payments necessary to clear their debt with the Department of Justice.

For the future of Full Tilt Poker, we can only say PokerStars will continue the brand. Players that found themselves between the diverted funds controversy, will need to open a new account, where they will found their righteous payment. Until the official launch of Full Tilt Poker, hype has to be created. Recently Guy Hansen, poker prodigy, was announced as the official figure of the site.

If you are in the mood for some gambling, you can always click PokerStars. They run of the most profitable and reliable online poker sites around.

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