Golden dispensing machine to be unveiled in at the Golden Nugget casino

Irvine, California,

Stack’s Bowers Galleries a division of the Spectrum Group international will unveil a gold ATM machine at the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City on Friday 27th April. This will make the nugget casino only the second location in North America to have a permanent installation of Gold to go tm ATM. The only such place with such an ATM is at the Golden Nugget’s property in Las Vegas. This ATM will be launched during the opening of the Golden Nugget Atlantic city’s opening kick-off weekend.

Features of the Gold to go tm ATM

The Gold to go tm ATM is programmed to update every second based on the current prices of the world precious metals. The ATM will dispense a variety of gold and silver bars and coin products varying in weights ranging from five grams to one troy ounce. Every product that is dispensed by the machine has been certified and is produced by the major recognized brands in the world. The machine in its self is a manifest of true beauty. It is designed in 24 carat Gold leaf. All over the world, there are more than thirty GOLD to go TM currently up and running. In Germany, alone, there are 21 of them. Other countries with the ATM are United Arab Emirates, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, and Italy.