History is set as 71 year old wins Omaha-8 event

In life, it is often said that good things happen to those who are patient. For Herbert Tapscott, 71, this saying carries a lot of relevance. For a man, who has been playing at the since 2003, his first bracelet and $264,400 was a nice reward for all those years of trying to get the real deal. Herbert is a retired United States Air force officer whose love affair with poker started in the late 50’s. His win was the biggest ever in the Omaha-8 tournament. A total of 967 players entered for this event.

Money has not been the main motivation

In an interview, after winning his bracelet, Herbert intimated that he first started playing poker seriously in the military barracks in Montana. As he travelled with his buddies he started to realize that there was plenty of casinos around and poker games, and so they started playing poker. They did not play for big money the cash prize was two to three dollars, but is some day they could be lucky and went home with a few hundred dollars.

Before the win on Sunday, TapScott other significant win was at a WSOP circuit in Tunica, in 2010, in a $500 No-limit event. Tunica is Tapscott favorite place for playing poker. A place he has been playing at since the early 1990’s. Tapscott first playing tournament poker in 2000 and although he has been expecting a win since he started playing almost a decade ago he was happy that finally he had “come of age.” The win is a befitting gift for a man of his age, and he ranks it as one of his greatest accomplishment in the equal measure like the birth of his four children and his family. Herbert lives in Alabama with his wife.

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