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History of Online Casinos

January 25, 2013 69 0

There was a time when land-based casinos were the only way to gamble in a legal way. People had to dress up and invest many hours of their day to play a simple poker match. It’s no casino news that many times we don’t feel like going to a casino and we just want to play from the comfort of our home.

Online casinos seeds

Now we go back to 1996, the year when the second Terminator premiered in cinemas.. and the year when the first online casino of the world opened to the public. The first companies to get into the business were Crypto Logic and Microgaming. In the present, Microgaming is one of the most important developers of games and applications for online casinos.

Between 1996 and 1998, the gambling industry begun mass development, as many new companies started appearing, each offering new and innovative products. Additionally, the internet reached its peak, becoming a part of the daily life of anyone with access to a computer. The result was that each month more and more online casinos opened their virtual doors to players all around the world. With them, more and more casino applications development companies opened to satisfy the needs of the online casinos.

Safety standards and 700 online casinos

By the year 1999, the online casino games business had grown in such a manner that governments around the world started taking notice of their strength. The direct consequences were the many online casinos laws that we face today and that unable many online casinos from offering their services in many countries.  Take into account that in 1999, more than 700 online casinos were opened. With such numbers, Microgaming took the task of providing safety systems and standards, to protect the data of players when submitting to an online casino.

In the present, online casinos are a part of the life of many individuals around the world. Each passing day there are new innovations, such as online casinos functioning in Facebook, tablets, portable devices and so on. The future of these online entities cannot be predicted, but we do can assure you dear reader of our casino blog, ¡it will amaze us!

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