How Slots Machines vary

Slots machines variations are common as the game it’s self, and thus trying to explain each types of slots machines present is a futile attempt.  Slots machines have evolved to fit tastes of various regions for example slots machines found in the United States vary from those found in Japan. However, slots machines are categorized using the following parameters: the number of reels, the number of rows, number of pay lines, payout schemes, appearance, and coins used to play.

Number of Reels

Most modern slot machines have three to five slots. Initially, slots machines had only three reels, but it was later added to five. This type of slots machines are known as the classic or regular slots machines.

Number of rows

Another variation in slots machine is the number of rows. Slot machines usually have one or more rows. Additional rows are located below and above the payout window with an aim of enabling players to see if they are on a winning or losing streak.

Number of pay lines

For a win to be realized while playing slots, pay line must be matched. Pay lines are usually located in the center row of the reel. Depending on the type of slot machines, Pay lines can be either zigzagged or straight. Classic slots have between one to three pay lines. For a win to be realized, you need not activate all the pay lines. However, if you want to win a jackpot, it is important that you play with all the lines. A player increases the number of play line by increasing his or her bet.

Value of Coins

Slot machines vary on the coin denomination. Some slot machines accept low value denominations such as pennies while other such as the high roller slots can only accept high denominations such as $500. Generally, most machines allow players to bet for three coins. Slot machines accepting two coins are also available.


Well aware of the behavior and taste of patrons, Slot machines are designed to appeal to given age groups visiting casinos. The appearance of the slot machine has no bearing on the outcome of spin.

Payout scheme

Modern slots machines have varied payout schemes. For example, progressive slot machines have a different payout scheme from other machines. In a progressive slot machine, the more players play, the higher is the jackpot.

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