How to create the perfect online poker setup

heads-up-pokerAre you an online poker fan who wants to take it to the next level? Well, you’re going to need to create the perfect environment in order to try and get the most out of the experience. With the likes of offering an array of poker games, serious players have a great chance of making some decent money from the comfort of their own home.

Before you even think about becoming a serious online poker player, you need to have secured yourself at least four pairs of comfortable trousers. Only a lunatic would settle down for a serious online session wearing a pair of chinos or jeans.

Secondly, it takes a certain level of commitment to become a serious online poker player, a level of commitment that is much harder to stick to if the player doesn’t have a comfortable seat on which to base themselves. How can you focus on making a reasoned and rational decision when you’ve gone three hours without any feeling in your backside?

Having food and drink in close proximity is also a integral part of the serious online poker player, with 24hour petrol stations a firm friend of many late-night Betfair fans. While nachos and pizza have long been classed as the traditional poker foods, healthy snacks are perhaps the best option for those wanting a long career of poker, and also in living.

Hooking your computer up to the television will help the player from the inevitable headache that comes from staring at a laptop for 13 hours – allowing you to use your computer to keep tabs of any bets you have on with Betfair as well as give your eyes an extra six or seven hours of playing time. This also gives the player the option of using their computer to keep notes on their opponents or possible hands they can use.

While there is an unwritten rule about having to have Bon Jovi on in the background when some pals come over to play a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, the serious online player favours the noise-cancelling headphones as a way to maintain their focus during those important moments. But, sure, pop on a little Bon Jovi to celebrate any winning hand.