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How to Find the Best Casino Games Online

May 10, 2013 65 0

Different online gambling site users have different ways of playing. Learn which type of gambler you are and which type of play would suit you best.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to navigate the web to find the best casino games then keep on reading!

Hedging your bets

If you’re a beginner, or just cautious in your gameplay, then low stakes multiple gaming would suit you best. Try out a game like blackjack, where you get all the fun of a fast-paced game without having to break the bank. As well as blackjack, your best Kerching casino games include Diamond Queen, Pixies of the Forest and Coyote Moon.


As a people-person your best asset is to crowd source information and use it to your advantage. Use your group of friends, contacts and anyone else who’ll talk to learn what’s popular at the moment, why this game is so popular and what users are generally winning. If you can get the low-down on the latest game you could create your own luck. Top Kerching titles for you are: Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus, Star Trek Against All Odds and Monty’s Millions.

Tactical player

Most people like to think they are tactical, but it takes a rare form of discipline to stick to it. Try a game like poker, where instead of pure luck you can inject a dose of gameplay to give you the edge. Don’t forget to ruthlessly budget for winning and sometimes losing so your long-term prospects of making a profit are maximised. Check out these great games: Ten Play Joker Poker, Lucky Draw and Phantom Belle Bonus.

Soldier of fortune

Sometimes people just have lady luck on their side – and maybe that’s just who you are. If so, you don’t need to worry about what other people say or which tactics you’ll use. Someone with your luck can just go for it and the games that suit you best are slots – which involve little skill, but lots of good fortune. Popular slots games are Cleopatra, 100 Pandas and Da Vinci Diamonds.

Eyes on the prize

Like a homing missile you love to go straight for the biggest prize possible – let other people scrabble about for smaller prizes while you relentlessly go for the big cash wins! You won’t settle for second best, so games like Megajackpots are perfect as they give you the chance to win a £1 million in power prize draw and £250,000 of other prizes each month. But the Kerching top prize is even better. A staggering £2.4 million is being given away to the top winner in the Cluedo, Monopoly or Cleopatra slots games.

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