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Important Creative Figure of Zynga Poker departures

October 10, 2012 72 0

Sometimes even the mighty show signs of an impending downfall and now comes the turn of Zynga Poker. The famed game developer now struggles with the departure of Laurence “Lo” Toney, executive and important creative figure of the company. The man is mainly known as the individual that oversaw and helped develop their online poker game, one of their main sources of revenue.

Toney informed of his departure on his LinkedIn account. It’s worth noting how this facts 10 years ago took days to be revealed to the general public, and now they can be instantly been thrown on the web. Toney altered his current job listing, now being “mentor at Mucker Lab”, which is a Los Angeles based company.

Lo History with Zynga Inc

The overall consequences to the company can’t be known for sure, but to see such an important figure departure does give food for thought. This may be the formal beginning of the end, even though many times companies have evolved from crisis like this one.

Laurence “Lo” Toney had been a key part of Zynga Inc since 2010. His last role in the company was as the General Manager of the popular online poker game. He also lend his talents in the mobile division of Zynga Inc. Its worth noting that the implementation of Poker on Facebook  owes a lot to Toney involvment with the company.

Toney has explained that there are no concrete ventures in his mind right now, although he acknowledges the fact that there are a myriad of opportunities “My departure is less about Zynga, and more about the vast number of opportunities that currently exist in the Valley. I have been approached by several organizations to lead teams and companies that I find exciting and compelling. It is the right time for me in my career to move on”.

This is not the first important  departure Zynga Inc deals with. The ex-manager of Zynga Poker now joins other key figures of the company that in a margin of 60 days, have departed to different ventures. Their Chief Technology officer and also their marketing and revenue officer left for different reasons. Even two vice presidents resigned a month ago.

Legacy of Zynga Inc

Zynga Poker is a giant of the web. More than 35 million active users on almost a daily basis serve as a probe that they took the game to a whole new level. Many companies dream of hitting so hard on their first game, which was the case of Zynga Poker, being their first official game.

The legacy of Zynba is quite outstanding, having developed besides their immensely popular poker game  the farm frenezy called FarmVille, which stands as the favorite game on Facebook. This last months they have been facing problems regarding a feeble demand for web based games. One of the main objectives of the company right now is to make a solid client base on the mobile gaming market. Let’s just hope for this giant to get back to its feet again, having given us one of the greatest online poker game of this generation

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