Instant games marathon at is proud to announce the launch of a new weekly games marathon that promises to reward players handsomely totaling £500 in cash. The instant games marathon is scheduled to take place each Friday starting from 8a.m to 11p.m.

Winning structure:

The promotion launched by, will give each player ten minutes to earn the most winning with the best player having the chance of walking away with £250 in cash weekly. In addition, every week runners up will walk home with a price of £100 while other eight players will each take home prizes ranging from £10 to £50 pounds.

New players who sign-up with Bingo will be issued with vouchers worth ten pounds. Players can also take part in free online bingo games paying jackpots of ten-pounds and 25 pounds every 40 to 60 minutes, Sing, further states that it has added a range of daily penny online bingo games to its schedule of jackpots worth up to £50. This winning structure is aimed at giving each player a chance of walking home with a prize.

Slotastic, is an online casino that primary focuses on slot games and other special promotional features. Slotastic has over 300 games including progressive jackpots such as Caribbean Holdem, Shopping spree, Aztec millions, and Jackpot Piñatas. Players from around the world are welcomed to play at Slotastic.

 Every gamblers dream; $65 turns into a quarter million!

It is every gamblers dream, that one day they will walk away with a major price. Whereas, many gamblers do not realize this dream in their life-time, to some, they wake up from their dream into instant richness. One such luck winner deposited $65 while playing online at the Slotastic Casino in the evening, and before dawn she was the proud owner of a quarter million dollars!

The winner Susan S., has been a regular player at Slotastic for quite a while. After playing her initial deposit of $6000, she was requested for her first withdrawal.

“At first, I was contemplating stopping, but thought against it as I was ahead,” said Susan.

Fortunately, for her she changed her mind, and minutes later, she cancelled the withdrawal. Little did she know that this decision will be one of the most important decisions that she will have to make as it made her play and a quarter of a million dollars.

 William hill launches live Blackjack and Roulette games in Italy:

William Hill has launched a live casino in Italy. According to William hill, one of the prime names in online gambling, they have launched the casino in Italy with an aim of giving players the best online casino option available. With the launch of the casino, players in Italy will now enjoy the games of Black jack and Roulette live. A total of 20 games are to be offered in the casino.

Features of the new casinos:

When announcing the launch, William hill, released a statement detailing the features available in the new casino. The casinos will have the following features: a huge number of tables to give each player were to sit, and thus it will be almost impossible not to find a seat, real professionals to guide places while they play the game, and players can interact with them via chats, the games will be available 24/7. In addition, every move will be streamline live in high resolution. Competitors will also have the chance of chatting with their fellow players and thus making the games more interesting.

The new game features, and high resolution offered promises to be a big hit among Italian game lovers.