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InterCasino new social Promotion

September 3, 2012 64 0

InterCasino recently changed its avatar, but they haven’t done it in a quiet manner. A huge marketing campaign begun in order to promote it, and they will make sure the echoes of this news reaches the very same corners of the web. Even social networking sites have seen a fair share of publicity on this matter. To make things interesting, InterCasino has launched a new mega promotionat Pinterest. Promos tend to function as one of the fastest ways of advertisement on the web, and InterCasino knows it.

The prize will be a brand new PowerShot Digital Camera. This piece of equipment costs more than thousand dollars and it surely justifies the rules of the promotion. Players will have to upload photographs at Pinterest and basically, the photo that gets more likes, takes the camera home. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

How and When of the competition

To enter the competition, you simply need to open an account at Pinterest. Being as popular as Pinterest is, chances are you already have one. Then you just need to upload the photograph at the Pinterest profile of InterCasino. The photograph has to reflect an entertaining summer. May it be an incredible moment with friends, family or at work. It has to give a notion of summer and joy. We recommend taking your camera if you are going on a trip or to a memorable party, but remember, many will upload their own incredible moments, so competition will get fierce. The sooner you upload your photograph, the sooner you will start getting likes. Visitors of InterCasino Pinterest profile will be able to like the photos.

This online promotion begun August 21 and will see its end in September 21. Players have no limit to the quantity of photographs they upload. With all the traffic this may attract to the Pinterest Profile of InterCasino, software errors may happen and some photographs may not upload themselves properly. If any error should happen, players should contact costumer support.

The more likes, the merrier competitor

Being a competition directly based on the social network principle, players will be able to even invite their friends to click the Like Icon, to increase their chances. Of course, this may widen up your competition, but it will sure play in your advantage to promote the competition, each like can define the win of a great camera. Just remember, in the tag of the photo, “#InterCasino” should be included, so it becomes admissible to the contest.

Click InterCasino to get more details of this great competition.

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