International gaming conference headed to Las Vegas

The 15th international gambling, and risk taking conference is scheduled to take place in May 27-31st, 2013, at the Caesars palace, Las Vegas. This will be the first time that an International gaming conference will be  headed to Las Vegas . The choice of the city is significant in that Las Vegas is considered as the de facto capital city of gambling, not only in the United States, but the entire world. The conference is jointly organized by the University of Nevada, and the International gaming institute. The conference has been held every three times since it was first held in 1974. Las Vegas has previously played host to this conference for four times.

The conference organizers hope to attract 300 to 500 participants ranging from researchers, gaming enthusiast, policy makers, executives of casinos, and manufactures of gaming software’s and machines. The goal of this conference will be to develop a research methodology that is fundamental in solving problems that occur as casino games spread to new areas.

Reclaiming the honor of Las Vegas:

For Bo Bernard, a professor and the executive director of the UNLV gaming institute, bring the conference back to the city of Las Vegas, is an important step in the process of preserving the city as the heartthrob of casino gambling in the world. This is in light to the ever increasing competition the city of Las Vegas is facing from other popular gaming destinations such as Macau, and Singapore. The professor compares the role of Las Vegas to that of the city of Houston, which plays host to important decisions on matters relating to oil; despite the fact a lot of oil production and exploration takes places abroad. Other themes expected to be discussed in this conference include gambling in Asia, gambling addiction, new gaming technologies, and gambling challenges.

In a conference held on Monday, at the gaming institute at the Stan Fulton Building, by Bernard, and Bill Eadington, the professor and director of the UNR center for the center of gambling and commerce gaming to announce on the details of the conference, Bernard termed the meeting as “really historic”. Bill Eadington has been the “engine” behind the conferences since its inception.

Research and the study of the gambling industry is the main theme of the conference. These are relatively new subjects considering the themes that have defined past conferences. This theme has been selected to target on research on the unprecedented growth of the online gaming industry and the effects that it has on the traditional “brick and mortar” casinos. The conference will also focus on the gambling problems that have emerged in Europe and Canada in the recent past.

Initially, the conference was to take place this year, but cost cuts by UNR, led to the postponement of the conference to next year. UNLR collaboration with UNLV will enable the conference to be held successfully.

The last conference was held in 2009. In this conference, about 180 professional papers were presented and it is estimated that approximately 300 people attended the conference. The call for papers for next year’s conference is to be done later this year.

More on UNLV international gaming institute:

The UNLV international gaming institute is a non-profit research and academy facility that educates professionals on matters relating to the hospitality and gaming industry by organizing educational programs, classes, symposia, distance education, publications, and webinars. The institution, also conducts research, published journals, and disseminating gaming knowledge and research to interested parties. This institute is part of the William F.Harrah College of hotel administration.