Jackpot City analysis – online casino reviews

jackpot city casino reviewWe recently started offering online casino reviews as we become aware that many players need objective information regarding online casinos. Each and everyone will take its time to explain while they are the best of the best. We are here to offer a view beyond that, breaking done to those important details that in an objective manner describe the experience.

Wide game selection

Today is the turn of Jackpot City. This online casino embraces the idea of quantity quite well. Even if having 100 games would be enough, Jackpot City offers the player more than 500 casino games. If you don’t download the casino, you even have accesses to 150 games, directly from the web.

Jackpot City is powered by Microgaming. As we said in other casino reviews, Microgaming is a leading casino software development company. Many of the greatest games around come from their hard work and constant need to push boundaries.

Take this as a staple of quality, when a site is powered by Microgaming it tends to mean this. Expect to be able to do lots of tweaks to the games, regarding sounds, background sounds and general speed. One of the main characteristics that separate Microgaming from other game developers, is their usage of many options so players can craft the experience to their utmost comfort.

Costumer support

A key feature any online casino should have is good attention. You never know when a problem or a doubt will arise and you don’t want to wait 5 days before having an answer. Jackpot City offers customer support the full 24 hours. May it be via mail, telephone or even live chat. We do need to clarify, they have lots of experienced staff in their costumer support department, so you will get some of the best attention around.

Interface and casino design

Many online casinos, such as William Hill, go for a design made to evoke a certain kind of feeling in the player. Some go for the elegant yet modern experience; others take a rustic approach, making the player feel he is in an old casino in the middle of a desert. Jackpot City comes as a place where the attractive comes out of the simplicity. There are no fancy lights, nor distractive elements. The experience is pretty straight forward, making things easier and a little less pretentious that other online casinos.

The only message they do remark as soon as you enter the premises of Jackpot Media, is about the mega signup bonus. Trust us; we don’t use the “mega” word for nothing. The signup bonus is of $500. To reach this number, you have a 100% match bonus that goes as high as $200 and then there is a 50% classic match bonus, which goes as high as $300.  Winnings will instantly be transferred to your account, as soon as the deposit gets made.

Reward for loyalty

A common observation seen in many casino reviews is how an online casino does offer lots of promotions for new players, but little to seasoned players of the place. Jackpot City tries to find a balance between both sides of the coin, so there are exclusive promotions/bonuses for old players.

If you are up to a straight forward design, more than 500 games and a nice welcoming bonus, we invite you to click Jackpot City and have some fun.